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Human Rights & Safety 

Effectively drive targeted advocacy with focused use of localized media, affect behavioral change and inform the public of safety risks and standards.

Primary Education

Support teachers and learners, increase comprehension and drive real engagement with consistent, leveled and localized content.

Women's Empowerment

 & Infant Health

Empower women, girls and pregnant mothers with stories, statistics and critical information about gender equality, career building, child mortality and improvement of maternal health.

Disease Prevention

Effectively drive behavioral change by distributing critical information about the prevention, treatment and care services for preventable diseases. 

Disaster Aid & Response

Help prevent, prepare for, manage and recover from major humanitarian disasters by providing critical survival, resource, health, evacuation and relocation information. 

Life Skills Education

Create content that empowers people to improve their lives. Introduce farming techniques, discuss basic family and business finances, explore new careers and nurture positive family habits and practices.

Poverty & Hunger

Reduce severe poverty and hunger, distribute valuable health and safety program information and drive behavioral change without depending on literacy or access to typical media channels.
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