Humanity Press partners with governments, NGOs and corporations to communicate emergency, health, safety and life skills information more clearly and consistently. 

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Critical information to those who need it most

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Simple images and icons, combined with audio in multiple languages and dialects, dramatically increase comprehension and make content universally accessible.



Images & Icons

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Designed for simplicity

We use simple technology and materials to address cost, renewable power, portability, distribution, group learning scenarios and environmental concerns.


Thoughtful products lead to effective programs.


Solar powered

Addressing key issues

Content comprehension, varied levels of literacy, consistency of message and universal accessibility are critical to the success of any behavior change program. 


Efficient messaging leads to effective programs. 


How it works




Design your content (illustrations, photos, audio, etc.) in multiple languages and dialects. Humanity Press partners with some of the best educational content writers on the planet. We'll help.


Distribute and spread your message through your organization's existing channels via governments and NGOs. Consistent, clear and shared messaging significantly improves your program's results.


Each Humanity Press order is custom built, just for you. Order a few hundred or many thousands, and we'll ship it directly to your primary distribution location. Need a few samples of it first? No problem. 


Humanity Paper

We've optimized our Humanity Paper Book for your environmental and cost considerations featuring a folded paper housing, minimal electronics, customized content, simple two-button user interface and optional solar panel.

(Size - 4" square)


Humanity School

Classrooms and clinics require a durable solution. Humanity School Book is like our paper book but has a durable plastic housing and comes with a solar panel and rechargable battery to provide unlimited battery life. Ideal for clinic, classroom and other heavy-use education environments. 

(Size - 4" square)

Get involved


We're seeking people and organizations to share our vision of a universally accessible information platform. Know anyone? We'd love to meet them (or you).


Share your social entrepreneur savvy, your educational expertise and your philanthropic philosophy with us. Help us make a difference and build something great.


As social entrepreneurs, we limit our profits and run a lean ship, but funding the start-up phase properly is critical, and your support and participation are appreciated.