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Our Story


The Big Idea: Provide low-cost, accessible content delivery platforms that enable governments and aid organizations to more effectively communicate and drive critical behavioral change.


We're product designers. We created Humanity Press to address the issues that lead to ineffective messaging and to create products which bring consistency, improved comprehension and widespread accessibility to these critical education programs. 


We’ve spent months interviewing and collaborating with aid and funding organizations to identify the barriers to effective education programs.



















Our process has led us to create a set of products that use images and audio to address key issues of content comprehension, varied levels of literacy, consistency of message and universal accessibility. We use simple technology and materials to address cost, power, portability, distribution, group learning scenarios and environment concerns. 

Our combined, diverse experience


Product Design & Engineering - Our team has more than 20 international patents awarded or pending and more than 35 years combined experience designing and developing Industry-leading products for the electronic learning toys market (Leapfrog, others) and consumer electronics market (Apple, others). Our experience creating meaningful learning experiences for children sparked the idea for Humanity Press. We believe that great products can make a positive impact on people’s lives, and that impact should not be limited by location, income or level of literacy.


Philanthropic Community – Our team has nearly 15 years of proven leadership in the philanthropic community, building partnerships, raising funds and managing organizations. We are skilled at content development, facilitation and project management for programs related to strategic philanthropy, civic engagement and leadership development. We are connected and savvy with deep knowledge of global philanthropy.




A Very Special Thank You to our Advisors!


Suzanne I. Barchers, Ed. D.

Educational Publishing Consultant and Advisor, Award-Winner Author


Nationally prominent educational publishing executive with diverse background in book publishing, technology-based learning products, and classroom curriculum products, graduate-level university teaching in reading, language arts, and children’s literature, author of 175 books, from children's books to college textbooks and ten readers theatre collections, past president of the Association of Educational Publishers and board member for the PBS Kids Next Generation Media Advisory Board.



Kelly Callahan, M.P.H.

Director, Trachoma Control Program, The Carter Center


Before accepting her current position as director of the Center's Trachoma Control Program, Ms. Callahan was assistant director of program support for the Carter Center Health Programs. Prior to coming to The Carter Center's headquarters, Ms. Callahan headed up the Center's southern Sudan office, targeting Guinea worm eradication, trachoma control, and river blindness control.

Ms. Callahan acquired extensive field experience from frequent trips in and out of Sudan and served as an elected representative on the U.N.'s umbrella organization, Operation Lifeline Sudan. During this time, Ms. Callahan's accomplishments included leading the Carter Center's effort to distribute more than 9 million pipe filters in the fight against Guinea worm disease and the implementation of the Carter Center-assisted Trachoma Control Program. Ms. Callahan's international health experience began with two years of service in Cote D'Ivoire with the U. S. Peace Corps.




William Fong

VP Business Development, Fong Brothers Printing


Since their humble beginnings back in 1971, Fong Brothers Printing has grown into one of the largest commecial printing companies in Northern California. William Fong spearheads Fong Brothers' innovation and new businees efforts with his decades of printing knowledge and experience and creative approach to the printing industry. William is our go to guy for all things printing and has been incredibly valuable to us.


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